Now here’s a really simple and pretty way to indulge with Wild-Arbor while also enjoying the first of this Springs berries.




A double shot (5cl) of chilled Wild-Arbor.

A half shot of Crème de Cassis (we recommend 1 ml)

Halved Strawberries



Place you bottle of Wild Arbor in fridge along with your tumbler glasses. (Wild-Arbor is always best served chilled) Once well chilled and very cold to the touch, they are ready to use.

In the bottom of each glass place the measure of Crème de Cassis.

Get large cubes of very cold ice from your freezer, then ‘build’ your cocktail by alternately placing the cubes, then the strawberries and blackcurrants, carefully into the glass. How many you add, and which berries is up to you!


Once you are satisfied with the appearance of your filled glasses, take your measure(s) of Wild-Arbor then slowly and gently pour into the glasses over the top of the ice. A good way to do this is over the back of a dessert spoon.

There you have it. A spectacular spring cocktail that’s totally plant based and natural.


Of course, if you really want to make a show of it, and are confident handling dry ice, then a little added right at the end, as in our image, is a real showstopper!

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