What better way can there be to relax after a hard afternoon working on your own little strawberry patch, than this deliciously indulgent, and slightly naughty, adult milkshake?

So, no stinting on the ice cream, or the milk, get the best quality ice cream and full fat milk.


Ingredients to make 2 Shakes


450 Grams of strawberries with leaves and stalks removed

600ml of milk

6 Scoops of vanilla ice cream

6 Single measures of Wild-Arbor Clear Cream Liqueur.

Strawberry Syrup

Extra strawberries for garnish



1. Chill the strawberries in the freezer, but do not fully freeze them. While you are doing that also place two tall glasses in there with them.

2. When ready, place the strawberries in your food processor or blender, along with the chilled milk, ice cream, and Wild-Arbor.

3. Blend to taste. Personally, we don’t like to blend too much, but it’s a matter of taste.

4. Then remove the glasses from the freezer, and into them drizzle patterns of strawberry syrup.

5. Fill both glasses from the blender and stir gently to create a marbled effect from the syrup.

6. Top off with a juicy strawberry complete with leaves and stalk.


7. Remember it’s an occasional indulgence, and therefore you need to indulge. What better way to put back some of those calories your  afternoon’s exertions have burnt off?

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