Waving or Drowning?


Ready for the world's simplest, most delicious pick-me-up? 


Dark, sophisticated and so easy to make, Wild-Arbor’s take on the classic Italian favourite way to finish off lunch with style.


Drowning? Enter Affogato in your Italian dictionary and you’ll see it means ‘drowning’. This recipe takes a delicious combination of strong expresso coffee and a shot of Wild-Arbor and with it you literally ‘drown’ a large scoop of ice cream in a glass.


In other words: meet your new summer go-to indulgence. 


So the next time you experience a little midday ‘noia’, or need a last-minute pudding, try this Italian classic. It will take both your coffee and puddings to another level.


Affogato (Ice Cream “Drowned” in Espresso)


For a single serving

1 scoop vanilla or hazelnut gelato, actually any gelato will do. It’s your indulgence after all.

Double shot of good, hot espresso 

1 Single shot of Wild-Arbor clear cream liqueur



1. Scoop the gelato into a serving bowl, glass, or coffee cup.


2. Stir together the hot espresso and Wild-Arbor and pour the mixture over the gelato.


3. Serve? Subito, of course.


Buona salute!

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