THE CHOCOLATE Amaretto Biscuit

THE CHOCOLATE Amaretto Biscuit

'Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets'. Those were the days!


Whoever said that got it about right.


Sadly, travelling for pleasure is out for now, so many of us have been cooped up, stuck at home, day in and day out. 


Well, if it makes you feel any better, we're told staying at home is the 'new travel', so here's a great idea for taking a little journey around the sunny islands of the Med without leaving your kitchen.


Now, this is really easy to make, and there are two ways to indulge. Either enjoy as a sophisticated and refreshing aperitif, or really push the boat out and top off with fresh cream, or a good non dairy alternative, as a post supper pud.  


You're interested? So what do you need?


For a start, Wild-Arbor Clear Cream Liqueur. For this drink its silky sweetness is the perfect foil for the bitter sweet taste of Amaretto, our second ingredient.


Amaretto? You may well ask. But I bet you have some. Remember Christmas? No? Well check your sideboard. It's probably there... waiting. And, if you don't have any, go out and get some. It's a great product. Don't wait for Christmas!


OK. You have Wild-Arbor you have Amaretto. What else makes this fab pick me up?


To make one serving you will need


A double measure of Wild-Arbor

2. A half measure of Amaretto, we used Di-Saronno.

For the Garnish, a twist of orange peel, and a cherry (most important!)



1. OK, take a nice, wide, whisky tumbler from the freezer - everything should be ice cold. (Remember, in your head you're in the Med!) 


2. Fill the tumbler with large, very cold ice cubes.


3. Add the Wild-Arbor and Amaretto and stir thoroughly.


4. Take the freshly cut twist of orange peel and press into the ice cubes. 


You're good to go.


The cherry? Don't forget the cherry! Position the cherry artistically on the top. Where else do cherries go?


But there's more. 


If you're feeling super indulgent, why not add a measure of fresh cream, or your favourite none dairy alternative. We love Oatly's. 

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