This is a super stylish, but super simple cocktail; the ideal 'wind-down' drink to share with your significant other on a warm summer evening. It's like drinking a very sophisticated chocolate orange.

And of course, it's also as clear as your conscience!

You will need per single serving

3 Parts Wild-Arbor, thoroughly chilled in the fridge

1 Part Cointreau, thoroughly chilled in the fridge also

Lots of ice. (Always try and get the largest size cubes possible, they will melt more slowly and reduce watering down of this delicious cocktail)


1. Place tumbler sized glasses in the freezer until thoroughly chilled. Remove when ready to serve.

Fill with ice

2. Take your Wild-Arbor and Cointreau from the fridge, and pour 3 parts of Wild-Arbor into each glass, followed by the single serving of Cointreau.

3. Take a spoon, and gently rotate the ice around in the glass until your cocktail is thoroughly chilled.

Go outside. Sit down. Relax and watch the sunset. You. Your conscience's clear...

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